USANA Revitalizing Shampoo

“Well Linda you asked me for a little testimonial about Usana Sense Revitalizing Shampoo and I am happy to spread the word on this product. I am a professional retired “Hair Dresser” and I do believe that the Revitalizing Shampoo is the “BEST” shampoo I have ever used in all my 70 odd years. It not only makes my grey hair feel thicker, it puts a lovely shine in my hair that I haven’t had in years. Always, since I have been using this product do I get many many remarks that my hair must be very think, which makes me laugh because it is fine and so soft and not as thick as it looks. But it also feels like it has life, this white-grey hair of mine. Thank you Linda for introducing this shampoo to me. ❤ ❤” – Donna