My Name is Kim Boudreau I have been consuming Usana products since early 2014. I was in a car accident was in a coma for 9 days and was diagnosed with a brain injury called ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) I consume both the essentials minerals & antioxidant, plus vitamin “D” tablets for depression. My brain is much clearer the fog has departed. I am not as active as I use to be, I am surprised that I am not crippled up with sore joints. I also take the Usana powered shake mix once a day with my fruit smoothie that satisfies my hunger. Your skin hair and nails tell a lot about your health! My skin is clear and my hair & nails grow fast and strong. I have tried many products over the years the results is what I use to measure the products I consume. I researched the products before my purchase in 2014. I like what Dr. Myron Wentz discovered with human cells building. With the help of my Doctor I weened myself of all prescription drugs, and never look back. All of my care givers are surprised of my recovery. I don’t have the strength that I used to have and still look forward to my future challenges. The reasonable funds I spend on my health is worth my comfort & positive feelings.

Thank you Dr. Myron Wentz & Linda Holmes.