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Skincare for Every Age

Our bodies are constantly changing, both on an exterior and cellular level. And nothing showcases these miraculous transformations more than our skin. If your skin is changing, then shouldn’t your skincare routine change as well?

It’s up to you to learn about what changes to expect and how to approach them. After all, change is the only real constant in life. We are all on an unstoppable ride into the future. The trick is to learn how to best embrace it.

Take a look at these tips and you will be better prepared to care for your skin at every age of your life.

The Youthful 20s


Skincare: 20s


Few things are more exciting than being a young adult. You’re exploring new career paths, moving out into the real world and accepting the reality of being an adult (okay, maybe scratch that last one).

There are great things about being in your 20s– your skin may be one of them. Not a wrinkle in sight yet, but don’t be deceived. Now is the time to lay the foundation for good skincare habits so you’ll keep that youthful-looking glow longer.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on the right path to preserving the youthful look of your skin:

  • Use sunscreen daily: UV rays can damage your skin, and the effects can have a dramatic effect on your skin’s appearance in the long run. Rain or shine, never forget to apply sunscreen not just to your face but anywhere your skin is exposed.
  • Clean your face every night: After those fun nights out with friends or long study sessions, you’ll be tempted to just roll into bed, but never skip removing your makeup and thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing your skin each night.
  • Build good habits now: This is a crucial time that will affect your lifestyle and wellness for years to come. So make sure that proper nutrition, regular exercise, and good skincare practices are a part of your everyday routine.

The Powerful 30s


Skincare: 30s


Now, being in your 30s is where it’s really at. You probably have a better idea of who you are and what direction you want to go in life. You might be killing it in your career and/or raising a fun and rowdy family. Maybe you can even afford to take your friends out to a fancy lunch every now and then.

However, the changes to your skin are not quite as awesome. Our body’s ability to renew damaged skin cells begins to decrease around this time, and you may begin to notice those fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes.

Give these tips an honest try and live your life confidently:

  • Brighten with exfoliation: During your 30s, your skin may begin to look dull. Proper exfoliation 2–3 times a week can bring back a youthful glow.
  • Defy your age with peptides: Use products with peptides to combat the early signs of aging. These amino acids are vital for supporting your skin’s youthful, supple appearance.
  • Avoid dry skin: With your skin beginning to dry out, avoid any products that could irritate your skin or dry it out even further.

The Confident 40s

Skincare: 40sYou’ve worked hard, and you’re more amazing than ever. Over the years, the obstacles you’ve faced and the decisions you’ve made have given you a profound sense of confidence and purpose.

This is also the time when your skin might go through some major transformations, but don’t let that shake your self-assurance. Decreasing levels of estrogen can affect your body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. This means your wrinkles may deepen and your skin will become drier and less supple.

Take the proactive approach to these skin issues by following these tips:

  • Go to sleep earlier: You really do need beauty sleep. A lack of sleep can decrease circulation to your face and make your skin appear dull. Healthy amounts of sleep will bring back your skin’s color and glow.
  • Get serious about serums and treatments: Soap and water aren’t going to cut it anymore. You need to start looking for treatments and protective products that will benefit your skin all day long.
  • Keep moisturizing: As you age, your body’s ability to maintain skin moisture will weaken. So make sure you are moisturizing at least every night and maybe even twice a day.

The Sensible 50s and Beyond

Victor Hugo once said, “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.” So, consider yourself young again. Many women consider their 50s to be the happiest, most fulfilling decade of their lives.

During this time, collagen breaks down and your skill will become drier. You will notice more brown spots and your complexion may begin to sag slightly. Just keep taking great care of your skin and show the world how gorgeous you are inside and out.

Here are some tips to help you maintain healthy-looking skin during this amazing decade of your life:

  • Protect your skin: Your skin is your body’s first line of defense, and it becomes weaker as you age. Do all you can to protect your skin during these later years. Always be aware of your skin dryness, and use moisturizer when needed.
  • Use a night cream: Using a night cream while you sleep will help your skin repair itself and look rejuvenated in the morning.
  • Follow through: It’s important to take all you’ve learned during the years and keep doing what has worked. Stick with your tried-and-true skincare routine.

Healthy-Looking Skin at Any Age with Celavive

Skincare: Celavive

By now, it should be crystal clear that the skin you have today will not be the skin you have a few years from now. Change makes our lives exciting and meaningful. The key is learning how to embrace change and prepare for the future.

And nothing helps you embrace skin changes more than Celavive®—USANA’s upcoming new and skincare line.

Change is real and it’s okay to embrace it. With Celavive, not only will it be simpler for you to navigate the challenges your skin will face, but you just may discover a beauty and confidence that never fade with age. We may be an on unstoppable ride into the future, but at least it’s a beautiful one.