Resetitsback$99.95 cdn.

(no tax +shipping)

Are you Ready? 

We are starting our New Year RESET Jumpstart Weight Loss program Monday January 15th.

I have used this program more than once to give me that fresh start allowing my body to RESET and jumpstart my weight loss. I always had great success with an average personal loss of 5 lbs in 5 days!

  • Why not give it a try   See and Feel the Benefits Yourself.
  • Cut the Cravings and reset your body’s metabolism! 
  • Yes, it is that easy, when you don’t have to prepare big meals.
  • You’ll Love this convenient weight loss system. 

I will be placing orders Monday January 8th, so that they will arrive on time . Contact  pm us on our FB page (East Coast Life Solutions RESET & 28 Day Program) to hop on and Jumpstart your weight loss with RESET!

Order now and with purchase of RESET Kit receive a FREE Blender Bottle

Check on a regular basis for upcoming specials!

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