Meet Linda 

Soulpreneur, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, Reiki Master, Essential Oils/Aroma-Touch & Symphony of Cells, Access Bar Practitioner, Successful Global Creator, Emotion Freedom Technique, 2nd Year Spirit Talker Tribe, Caregiver, and Mentor.

Linda’s comes from a self-employed background, giving her many practical entrepreneurial skills. Linda is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and assisting people to find their authentic selves and footing on the path of life.  Her Passion has always been spirituality and has practiced holistic modalities that encompass mind, body, and spirit.  She has an appreciation for nature and leads with a passionate heart.  She loves life’s synchronicities and is enthusiastic to share her energy into being adventurous and helping you make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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Meet Debbie

 Reiki Master, Essential Oils/Aroma-Touch, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist

Debbie is in the process of retiring from a 35-year civilian career at DND.  She has been consistently creating a foundation in the field of health and wellness entrepreneur. Some of her lifelong interests involve studying Nutritional Therapy, Aroma Touch Therapy & Symphony of Cells, and is a Reiki Master, and has been involved with supplementation and essential oils for the last 8 years.  Debbie has added Yoga, Zumba, Chakras, and Crystals her repertoire to her practices. Her most recent endeavor is Emotional Freedom Technique and is looking forward to using this technique to help a wide variety of clients.  As she is finishing one career and moving into another, she now has the time to concentrate on her focus and passion for ‘helping people get healthy’.

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