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Fluid for Life – Water


It provides no nutritional value, yet it is the probably the most important substance that we consume.

Water! Without it, our other nutrients are useless.

It’s essential for transporting nutrients to cells and wastes from cells. Without it, cellular metabolism and proper chemical functioning do not exist. 

We don’t talk about it enough. And you may have heard lot of “facts” about it that aren’t entirely true.

Have you heard that the body is 2/3, or around 70% water? An infant’s total body water (TBW) is typically as high as 74%. However, due mostly to loss of relative lean body mass, an adult female is closer to 47% water, and an adult male 56%.

Have you heard that other drinks, such as juices and coffee, do not count toward your daily water intake? That is not true either. On average, about 20-25% of water consumed is from food, and 75-80% is from all beverages.

What about the fact that caffeinated beverages don’t count, or that they can be dehydrating? That, again, is mostly inaccurate. Regular consumers of caffeinated beverages suffer no negative effects on hydration status by drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages.

How much fluid do you need to replace when sweating? How much fluid should I be getting based on my size and activity levels? For these answers and other important information on water, the following is a great resource.

Hydration: Fluids for Life
The North American branch of the International Life Sciences
Institute (ILSI N.A.)

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