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We know each chakra is represented by different colors, but did you know there are also different herbs and fruits that align with each of the seven main chakras. These herbs can help with chakra balancing and healing undesirable symptoms that stem for unbalanced chakras.

Tea For The Root Chakra

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Red is associated with the root chakra. Some of the herbs and fruits that help with this chakra include cloves and raspberries. The color red is warming and revitalizing. A nice Raspberry Zinger style tea is perfect for this chakra. Like most berries, raspberries are good for fighting inflammation.

Tea For The Sacral Chakra

Image result for free pictures of healing teas chakra

Orange is the color that aligns with this chakra. While there are many herbs and fruit options that fall into this color, including oranges and cinnamon, at this time of the year pumpkin seems like the perfect option. Orange is associated with letting go, finding energy, and overall creativity. Enjoy a pumpkin spice flavored tea. It’s energizing and will also help you ring in the changing of the seasons.

Tea For The Solar Plexus Chakra

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The color associated with the solar plexus is yellow, a bright and cheerful color. Lemon and ginger are both great food connections to this chakra and taste great together in a tea. Ginger will help soothe stomach issues, which are associated with this chakra. Lemon helps to clean out the system for an overall well-being.

Tea For The Heart Chakra 

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The heart chakras main color connection is green, although it is also often associated with pink because of love. You can’t go wrong with a simple green tea for heart health and to help soothe you when you’re battling matters of the heart. However, sage and basil are also connected to this chakra, as well as rose hips for the love connection.

Tea For The Throat Chakra

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Blue is the color of the throat chakra. While an obvious choice for this chakra may be blueberry, mint is also associated with the color blue. A nice peppermint tea can be extremely soothing when fighting throat related ailments. The throat chakra is connected to communication and you need to care for your throat in order to communicate through speech.

Tea For The Third Eye Chakra 

Image result for free pictures of healing teas chakra

Indigo is the symbolic color of the chakra that is connected with your power of intuition. Purple is also associated with this position. Licorice is a great selection of tea flavors to help you connect deeper within yourself and your mind. Licorice root tea is invigorating and can help you fight fatigue.

Tea For The Crown Chakra

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Violet is the color of the crown chakra, the area that controls your brain. Lavender is the must-have herb for this chakra and makes a great flavored tea. Lavender is calming and soothing and will help you think more clearly.

Anytime you feel as though one of your chakras is out of wack, drink the tea associated with that chakra for a relaxing and tasty way to find balance again. Some of these flavors can be found in combinations, like lavender and mint, allowing you to balance and soothe multiple chakras at once.

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