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Clean Eating 101: Setting Up for Success

It’s the start of the New Year and many people are striving to make healthy food choices and adopt a healthier lifestyle. But we can easily fall short due to time restraints, hectic schedules and lack of planning. As health professionals, we want to share some strategies including preparing fast healthy meals. All this will help you eat clean.

The Quick Prep Solution for Cleaning Eating

If you are willing to set aside a couple hours per week for preparation, you can have a fridge, freezer and pantry stocked with quick, ready-to-assemble meals for your entire family.

Shop once a week, prep twice!

Choose two cook days per week, such as Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Step 1: Cook two to four protein sources you can use in meals over the next few days.
Amounts prepared will depend on family size. Store in airtight containers and place in the fridge for quick meals. Some great choices are fish, chicken breasts, extra lean ground beef or turkey, tofu, beans, and lentils. Store in airtight containers and place in the fridge for upcoming quick prep mix and match meals.

Step 2: Chop or slice fresh, cleaned vegetables. Place in airtight containers. Also consider preparing a large fresh salad. Try spinach and a variety of mixed greens. (Greens remain fresh and crisp if you add vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini just before serving).

Step 3: Prepare salsas, spreads and healthy dressings for the upcoming week using fresh herbs. Check out the Low-glycemic Meals E-Book for great low GI recipes.

You are now ready to assemble healthy meals for the week.

Fridge & Freezer Prep

Your fridge is now stocked with ready to use vegetables, healthy proteins and condiments. Complete your fridge prep by having an assortment of fruit, dairy products, eggs, healthy oils (flaxseed oil), and home-made or commercial condiments.

Your freezer should contain bags of frozen fruit and vegetables, good quality protein sources, and ice for your Nutrimeal or My Smart Shake Smoothies.


Your pantry should only be stocked with items that are low-glycemic, such as dried or canned legumes, slow cook oats, canned fish, salsas, tomato sauce and healthier condiments ( see additional sheet I sent) I have a complete label reading handout but perhaps we should save that for another blog. If your pantry has left over “goodies” from the holidays, this is the time to start fresh and remove temptation!

For more information on the Quick Prep Method, Recipes and Tips for an on-going healthy lifestyle, go to the resources page at

Here is how simple your next meal can be!

Quick Prep Spicy Pineapple Chicken

Hawaiian Aloha Shake Recipe

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Supplements: The Gift of Health

Supplements: Gift Box


My family has a variety of interests, so finding the perfect gift for everyone can be difficult. Especially because I try and look for gifts that are simple and meaningful. So I thought, what’s more meaningful than the gift of health? This year I’ve decided to supplement everyone’s holiday with just that—supplements.

Supplements Ideas for the Whole Family

The expectant mother; aka, my wife

Supplements: Vitamin D

This year is especially exciting for the two of us because my wife is currently expecting our first baby. While a lot of what is on her gift list revolves around that, I added a couple things to my USANA shopping cart after her last checkup.

Her doctor told us he recommends women supplement their Prenatal Supplements with vitamin D—especially those pregnant through the winter months—and calcium.

Our bodies rely on vitamin D for normal bone mineralization and growth, and it also helps us maintain muscle strength and coordination, cardiovascular health, and even helps immune support. And when consumed by the mother, those benefits are passed along to the developing baby. The thing is, we don’t naturally produce vitamin D, and most people don’t get enough through food and sun exposure alone.*

Calcium is another nutrient babies need plenty of to help them develop. Like Vitamin D, our bodies don’t naturally produce it, and if the mother isn’t getting enough for both herself and the baby in her diet, the baby will leach it from her. This can lead to potential calcium deficiency. That’s where a calcium supplement comes in.*

Gift ideas: Vitamin D and Active Calcium Chewable

The active grandmother; aka, my mom

Our holidays involve a lot of family time, and that means tons of activities. I’m not going to tell you how old my mom is—mostly because that would not bode well for me—but I will tell you she has said, “at my age it’s important to stay active” more than once. Her favorite activity is most definitely playing with her grandkids. So I’m going to help her out and gift wrap a case of Rev3 for the extra energy she’ll need.

Another thing that marks our holiday festivities is a lot of food. My mom is one of those people who spends so much time cooking and making sure everyone else is taken care of that she forgets to take care of herself. And, ironically, that means missing meals.

Does this sound familiar?

This is why I’m going to include a bag of Nutrimeal™ meal-replacement shake in her stocking—for the times she says she’s too busy to eat.

Gift ideas: Rev3 Energy Drink and Nutrimeal

Supplements: Rev 3

The retired grandfather; aka, my dad

Again, like my mom, my dad is still pretty active. But through natural aging, he doesn’t move or see as well as he used to. So this year I’m helping give his joints and eyes all the support they can get.

For his joints, he’s getting a bottle of Procosa®. The InCelligence Joint-Support Complex in Procosa was created using a unique combination of Meriva bioavailable curcumin with high-quality glucosamine hydrochloride, so it is great for supporting and maintaining healthy joint function.* This will help his joints function so he can try to keep up with my mom.

The holidays wouldn’t be the same for my dad if he couldn’t enjoy the lights. In fact, one of our longest lasting traditions is visiting our local Christmas village. This is why he’s also getting Visionex®, to help protect his eyes by providing nutrients essential for eye health and antioxidants that help fight off damaging free radicals.*

Gift ideas: Procosa® and Visionex®

Supplements: Visionex

College-bound teens; aka, my nieces and nephews

Both my brother and sister have 17-year-old daughters and 15-year-old sons. I don’t know a more active group of teenagers. All four of their lives revolve around classes, school clubs, and extracurricular activities that will look good on college applications. Between them, they tick off nearly every sport and club you can think of.

Because it takes a lot to stay as active as they are, I think the best gift I can give them is BodyRox™—to make sure they get all the nutrients they need to stay at their physical and mental best.*

And, speaking of mental best, the older two are also getting Ginkgo-PS™. As they finish up their time in high school and transition into college, getting the right kind of acute memory function and cognition support is going to be extremely important.*

Gift ideas: Body Body Rox and Ginkgo-PS™Ginkgo-PS

With the help of these supplements, I think my gifts are going to be everyone’s favorites. But these are just my USANA supplement gift ideas. Which USANA supplements are you most looking forward to giving and/or receiving for the holidays this year?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We do have one request that you go through our website to purchase your products, that way you can be sure you are getting USANA products and they are quaranteed USANA products. Shop All Products East Coast Life Solutions – Linda Holmes