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Is It Safe to Ingest Essential Oils?

Contributed by Dr. Joshua Yorgason, MD – Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon)
Member of doTERRA Medical Advisory Board 



Each type of oil contains a mixture of natural chemical compounds unique to that species of plant and to the environment in which the plant is grown. For thousands of years, humans have ingested plants in the form of food as well as plant parts and extracts as herbal health products and teas from leaves and flowers, which contain essential oils.

One could argue that it should also be safe to ingest essential oils in small quantities, just as we have been doing when ingesting plants containing essential oils. Because they are produced naturally by plants, essential oils are found in naturally balanced mixtures. Then why is there an ongoing concern about the internal use of essential oils? Internal use can not only be very effective, but is also safe.
Local Tissue

Oils first have an effect on local tissues. The local effect may be felt more strongly when applied internally compared to when applied to the skin because the nerves in the mucosa are closer to the surface, often more numerous, and can be more easily stimulated compared to the nerves in the skin. Although the skin is thicker and seems to be less fragile than the mucous membranes, the reality is that similar to the skin the mucosa has many features that are protective, and therefore conducive to the use of essential oils.

Like skin, the mucosa has many layers designed to protect the body against disease and toxic exposures. And similar to skin, the mucosa has an ability to constantly restore itself and to regenerate after harmful exposures, such as trauma from teeth or heat from foods that can cause ulceration.

The mucosa heals an open sore very quickly, so it can resume its protective function. The mucosa also has thousands of mucous glands that secrete mucous to create a protective film over the tissues. The mucous is continually being produced and continually migrating as the cilia beat, limiting any local exposure.
Mucosa Absorption

When essential oils contact the mucosa, they are absorbed to some degree at the initial point of contact, but much of the oil will be continually diluted by the mucous. Rapid absorption and constant dilution allow the oils to have a dramatic yet temporary effect, which explains why any sensation you have in the mouth or throat from essential oils taken internally is temporary. Because the mucosa is designed to be protective, essential oils can be safely used internally.

The premise of all of these discussions is that essential oils could be harmful when taken internally. However, studies suggest just the opposite. Essential oils may actually be protective to the mucosa. Many studies show that essential oils can have a positive effect when there is a problem with the stomach’s mucous membranes.* For example, limonene, found in citrus oils, was shown to help protect the stomach mucosa in a preclinical study.This protective effect was shown without affecting normal stomach acid secretion, gastrin enzyme secretion, or antioxidant glutathione production.3 Many other studies have also demonstrated similar effects.1–6*

Avoiding hot oils that may be irritating to the mucous membranes, using small single use amounts, or using less than the maximum daily amounts recommended, are all safe practices that can help us have confidence in using essential oils internally. If we are using the oils for a local effect, such as to soothe the mouth and throat, then the oils can be appropriately diluted. Internal use of essential oils may be the best method to help improve function of the gut and improve digestion, because the oils can get to the area of need.

Taking essential oils internally may be a very effective method to get the oils to be absorbed into the body to promote health and wellness, for an overall soothing effect on the body, and for a calming effect on mood. Using the appropriate amount of oils in Veggie Caps or prepackaged in the appropriate amounts in softgels can be an effective way to take essential oils internally so that they can be maximally absorbed by the gut for a whole body effect.

East Coast Life Solutions has two Wellness Advocation who are ready to serve you any time, if you have questions and need assistance in ordering.

Pop on over to our Upcoming Events pages and have a look at our regularly scheduled 101 Essential Oil Education class in our local area.

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Self Care for Healthy Moms

My Mother and Her Garden

The heavy smell of wet soil, prickly vines brushing against my tiny fingers, running up and down row after row of green sprouts stretching toward the summer sun. These are some of my earliest memories. All because my mother raised me and my brothers out in the family garden.

As I grew older, the garden grew larger. She planted and pruned many fruit trees and bushes of tart raspberries and blackberries that would stain your fingers purple no matter how much you licked them. By late summer, she was filling musty cardboard boxes with everything she needed to make batches of fresh salsa, spaghetti sauce, raspberry jam, peach syrup, strawberry rhubarb pie, spicy garlic pickles, and much more.

My mom would frequently pull carrots out of dirt and hand them to me to eat. Yeah sure, I ate them and they were good, but it wasn’t a Snickers bar or a Twinkie. Still, she was persistent and continued making dinners using as many fresh fruits and vegetables as she could. And my body couldn’t resist—with time I grew to love eating vegetables, tomatoes in particular.

The Mother’s Lifestyle

Many of you are, or plan to be, mothers. And every day you may be asking yourself how you can balance the task of raising a family and also taking care of yourself. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve begun to realize just how challenging and stressful it was for my mother to raise four boys, care for her massive garden, and keep her health strong.

For all mothers, it’s a daunting challenge full of responsibility and tried patience. It’s not just like a job or hobby where you get to go home every day and have weekends off. It’s a lifestyle—a way of living. And it’s a lifestyle that doesn’t always respect your health and wellness.

small survey showed that 43 percent of new moms only get about 5.5 hours of sleep per day and that roughly 62 percent of women under 50 who gave birth last year are also in the workforce.

Another study showed that 8 of 10 moms described parenting as “exhausting… but fun.” And that many millennial mothers feel that parenting has become increasingly competitive. Perhaps due to the rise of social media, 3 out of 4 admitted that it’s important to try to be the “perfect” mom.

On top of it all, mothers are also the primary decision-makers when it comes to their family’s health. While the times are a changing, they are still the primary grocery shoppers and meal preparers in the family.

Care for Yourself and Carry On

It seems crystal clear—if you’re a mom, then not only do you work harder than most, but you deserve a break more than most. Even with kids running around the house, your health is still important. After all, how can you care for those who matter most to you if you don’t care for yourself?

Here are a few ways moms have been able to care for themselves:

  • Get together with friends or plan a mom’s night. Many moms struggle because they feel isolated. So get together with your friends and just talk and have a good time. It might be best to arrange for someone to watch your little ones. That way you can leave the house for a bit and go somewhere fun and relaxing. But if you can’t, then just have your friends come over. Who cares how messy the house is and how crazy your kids are? You can all talk, laugh, and realize you’re not alone.
  •  Take a class each week. Maybe you want to do yoga or take a spin class or finally learn how to paint. What matters is that you continue learning and chasing your personal goals. If you can, arrange for a way to attend a weekly class. You’ll be able to meet new friends, do new things, and keep your body and mind engaged.
  • Enjoy the small things. Little reminders to have joy and feel calm can go a long way. You could end your day with a hot cup of tea or by reading a book. Maybe you love taking short walks or sitting on the front porch. Find those little things that make you smile and make time for them each day.
  • Count your blessings. It’s official, being grateful may actually make you a happier person. So instead of thinking about what you don’t have, take time to reflect on the good things in front of you. Right now, make a list of five things you’re thankful for. Then add five more things to that list each day. Soon, you’ll have a hundred reasons to smile and hold your head high.
  • Ask for help. This can be tough. No one wants to feel like they’ve failed. And sometimes asking for help can make us feel like we’re giving up. But the simple truth is, there are probably many people in your life who would love to help you out. Ask your family, friends, community organizations, and maybe even co-workers for support. Maybe with some help, you can arrange to go out with friends or a significant other and have a refreshing break.
  • Care for your health. Being a mother is both mentally and physically demanding. You must take time each day to take care of your health. Have an evening routine that is calming for everyone. Maybe that way you can get to sleep early. Don’t skip meals and try to eat as healthy as you can. And you may be exhausted, but make sure you’re exercising a little bit each day. Nutritional supplements can also help fill in the gaps between what your body needs and what it gets on your busy schedule.

Building a Legacy of Health

Last weekend, my wife and I started digging and planting our own garden. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it will be worth it. We really want to make our own fresh salsa and spaghetti sauce. If my mother hadn’t surrounded me with fresh fruits and vegetables when I was a kid, I doubt we’d be putting so much time and effort into growing them for ourselves. And I can’t wait for the day when my children take their first bite of a juicy, tangy tomato grown in the very garden that they play in.

It’s really that simple. My mother passed her healthy habits down to me, which I hope to pass on to my children. That’s how health comes full circle. And it can all start with a mother’s example.

USANA provides a number of premium supplements that can help you build your legacy of health and wellness. Prenatal CellSentials™ is a great way for expecting mothers to get the vital nutrients they need. Body Rox™ and Usanimals™ are perfect for helping your teens and little ones get vitamins and minerals they need for healthy growth and development.*

Check out our Specials to see our USANA Mother’s Day Gifts at .

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

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Heading to the Farmers Market

There are many reasons to get out and go to the market on the weekend.  East Coast Life Solutions will be at the Alderney Market this coming Saturday, May 5th.  See You There!

A favorite springtime adventure of mine is to tune up the bikes and ride with my wife to the local farmers market. We’re lucky to live in a neighborhood that hosts Friday evening open air markets where local farmers come to sell their goods. It’s a wonderful mixture of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, artisan breads, and local meats. Rounding out the blocked street with booths lining the sidewalk are everything from homemade candles, crêpe stands, and hot roasted coffee to other temporary shops selling handmade goods.

Farmers Market: Veggies

The first thing I notice is the colors. The greens are dark and shiny. The red peppers are vibrant and alive. The yellow squash naturally draws your eye while the cut beets radiate a luxurious purple. Vegetables are packed tightly into cardboard cartons and stacked on pitched boards showcasing the labor of the local farmers. It’s as much a visual sensation as it is flavor packed.

Most of our trips to the farmers market involve picking up items we can build a recipe around. We’ll find fresh arugula and come up with a clever summer salad. If the lamb looks good, we’ll grill chops that evening. And who doesn’t love making peach cobbler out of locally procured peaches and handmade granola?

For example, last summer we were on a mission, and the prize was homemade BLT sandwiches.

The BLT is a classic sandwich made with bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toasted bread with mayonnaise. The smoky saltiness of the bacon is complemented by the crisp lettuce and sweet tomato. Add creamy mayo to toasted brioche bread and you have one of my all-time favorite sandwiches.

We found romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, fresh sliced smoked fat back, and brioche bread that was still warm from that morning’s oven (we settled on store-bought mayo but it was still a good haul). Riding home, we built our sandwiches and couldn’t help but notice how much better these sandwiches were. Not only were they delicious, we knew exactly where our food came from. We met the farmers and butchers. We learned their story, and somehow this added to the experience.

Farmers Market

Eat Like a Local

Farm-to-table is a social eating movement that encourages people to eat both regionally and seasonally. Sometimes called “farm to fork,” it largely refers to food made from locally sourced ingredients, often natural or organic. The farm-to-table movement came as a reaction to the processed foods and use of preservatives in the 1950s. Consumers didn’t like not knowing where their food came from. They didn’t know their greengrocer. Butchers were replaced by cooler bins filled with plastic-wrapped meats. The human connection to eating was reduced to running to a supermarket and grabbing boxes of processed grains, eating vegetables grown with pesticides, and buying meats that were raised on hormones.

While grocery shopping became easier and was filled with countless options, consumers were being pushed further away from the farmers as goods were being shipped from around the world. In response to this global trend, people reexamined both their relationship with food and the community in which they purchased it.

Fresh Food Tastes Better

Local food is often more nutritious. Because it’s not shipped long distances, locally grown foods can be healthier and tastier. A study from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture looked at 16 popular fruits and vegetables and discovered on average all of these foods traveled close to 1,500 miles before being sold. Unripe fruits and vegetables are much more resilient that ripe ones. To keep food from going bad during transit, fruits and veggies are picked before they are completely ripened and able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. This is why you’ll see green bananas at the store and you have to wait to eat them.

Farmers Market

The longer vegetables can remain on the vine or tree, the longer they have to convert sun and minerals into the ground into the produce. And that extra time produces more nutrients that taste better. That’s why a bright red tomato off the vine tastes better than the greenish one from the store.

By buying closer to home, you’re eliminating the steps between you and your food. This helps eliminate exposure to pollutants and contamination. Food grown in distant locations has the potential for food safety issues at harvesting, washing, shipping, and distribution.

Local Means Less Gas

Farm-to-table might not save you from eating too many local beans, but it definitely means less trips to the gas station. Considering that the average distance for produce to travel is 1,500 miles, it costs a lot of money to ship food. The average 18-wheeler semi-truck travels about 5 miles per gallon of gas. That means it’ll take 500 gallons of diesel fuel to cover the distance. While energy standards are getting better for large trucks, that’s still a lot of gas to move your vegetables.

Shopping locally won’t save the world, but it will help cut back on carbon emissions.

It’s Good for the Neighborhood

Shopping farmers markets and local merchants is good for the economy. The money that is spent on local farmers and growers all stays close to home and is reinvested with businesses and services in your community. Cutting out the middleman means that local producers don’t have to pay shipping charges. Taxes collected in the community stay in the community.Buying locally can improve the economic vitality of small farms and encourage others to start their own businesses. Buying locally can improve the economic vitality of small farms and encourage others to start their own businesses.

Farmers Market

Look at the Choices

It would be wonderful if strawberries grew year-round. Unless you live around the equator, you’re like the rest of us that wait until mid-summer to get our hands on local grown strawberries. But this isn’t a bad thing. Even areas with shorter growing seasons have interesting and exciting things to eat. This is why getting to know your local growers and producers can be exciting. Listen to them. See what they have to offer. And try the fruits and vegetables that are in season.Farmers Market

You wouldn’t go to Italy for the Kung Pao chicken, so why would you try to get produce out of season at the market? While this isn’t 100 percent practical for feeding your family, especially if you live in a large city or are under budgetary restrictions, a large component of farm-to-table is being conscious of your food choices.

Buy What You Need

An astonishing amount of food is wasted every year in the United States. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, an estimated 30–40 percent of all food supplies are thrown away each year.

This number corresponds to approximately 133 billion pounds, or $161 billion worth of food.

Food waste is the single largest component going into municipal landfills.

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Why Diffuse Essential Oils?



At doTERRA we recommend using essential oils aromatically, topically, or internally depending on the properties in each individual oil. Nearly every oil and blend, with the exception of HD Clear® and Immortelle, can be diffused. Diffusing an oil helps us take advantage of its most noticeable characteristic—it’s scent. By learning more about how much of a role smell plays in our lives, the impact of essential oils can be understood on a deeper level.

The Power of Scent

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, and you have probably noticed in your own experience that some scents are more positively associated in our minds than others. Your body contains over 1,000 receptors for smell—more receptors than for any other sense. Dr. David K. Hill D.C., Founding Executive points out that even though our noses are not as acute as a bloodhound’s, “you can still detect thousands of varieties of odors in infinitesimal quantities.”

By putting essential oils directly into the air we breathe, we can influence the feeling of our environment, and, more powerfully, our own emotions. The doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy® System contains six blends formulated to address specific emotions, but any oil can have this impact. We know that citrus oils, for example, are uplifting and energizing to your mood, while scents like Lavender or doTERRA Balance® are calming and grounding.

Other Uses and Benefits

While smell is a great tool, there are other reasons that diffusing essential oils can be beneficial to you:

  1. It can purify the air in your home. Juniper BerryLemonLimeMelaleuca (Tea Tree), and specific blends like Purify and doTERRA On Guard® are useful for this purpose.
  2. Some oils can help maintain feelings of clear breathing and open airways. For example, doTERRA Breathe®Douglas FirLavender, and Eucalyptus all have this ability, among other oils.
  3. To minimize the effects of seasonal threats. Specifically Arborvitae and doTERRA Breathe help here.
  4. Only a small amount of oil needs to be used if you’re using it in an ultrasonic diffuser. This means you can use one bottle of essential oil many times before you’ll need more.

How to Diffuse

The best way to diffuse is either nebulizing (cold air) or ultrasonic (water) diffusion. Heating oils to diffuse them can alter their delicate chemistry. Most of the diffusers doTERRA offers are ultrasonic diffusers, meaning that they use water to disperse the oil into the air.

To diffuse in an ultrasonic diffuser, put cool tap water to the fill line and add at least two drops or more to the water. Then, choose the time setting you desire and let it run. Diffusing in a nebulizing diffuser is waterless: take the cap and orifice off of your bottle of essential oil and attach it to the diffuser and choose your settings for time and amount at a time.

If you don’t have a diffuser, there are other ways to enjoy the benefits of diffusing. Try adding a few drops of essential oil to your palms and cup them over your nose while you inhale deeply. This is an easy technique especially when you’re on the go. Or, add some drops of oil to a glass spray-bottle with water and spritz around the room.

The combinations of essential oils you can diffuse are endless. And, like each of you, they are as unique as you would like them to be. Check out our post on creating blends to see what scents go well together, or follow us on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram for more ideas.

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best time of day to take supplements

Taking supplements is an important way to meet nutrient needs and fill nutrition gaps that may be present in your diet. USANA® Nutritional supplements provide directions for use on every label. Some product labels recommend that you take the tablets in divided doses (example: two tablets in the morning and two in the evening) or spread throughout the day.

Taking vitamins and minerals in divided daily doses (with a meal or at least some type of food) is preferred. It helps with proper dissolution and absorption (the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E need a little fat for absorption), and it helps you maintain a good blood profile of important nutrients to support your health.

A morning meal (breakfast) is a great time to take your first dose of CellSentials™Body Rox™Usanimals™, CellSentials Prenatal or the HealthPak™. Since many of us eat breakfast at home, taking your vitamins and minerals at that time is a convenient way to start your day off right. In addition, the B vitamins in your CellSentials will help to convert food to cellular energy for a strong way to start the day. Your evening meal is a good time to take your second dose of CellSentials, Body Rox, or Usanimals.

If lunch is a more convenient time for you to take your supplements, then consume your supplements with lunch. The most important point is that you consume your vitamins and minerals with food, to help with proper dissolution and absorption. Only you can decide the best time to take supplements.

Calcium and magnesium supplements can be taken throughout the day, in divided doses, and even right before bed. The form of calcium you use determines if you should take it with a meal, snack, or on an empty stomach. Calcium carbonate requires the presence of food for better absorption. Calcium citrate can be taken with or without food, as it does not require food for absorption. USANA MagneCal D™ is best taken with a meal or a light snack.

Supplemental calcium is best in smaller, more frequent doses to support absorption.

Digestion supplements like USANA Digestive Enzyme should be taken right before you eat to help you digest food more efficiently.

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It’s Ab-oat Time: 10 Oatmeal Recipes

The humble oat — or Avena sativa — if you’re fancy. This little grain, when milled, steel-cut, or rolled becomes one of the most versatile foods on this big, floating rock we live on. You can make cookies, beer, crisps, granola bars, and so many other delicious culinary treats with the hunger-slaying oatmeal. But of course, the most common use of oatmeal is our favorite breakfast dish by the same name.

That mouthwatering mush is healthy on its own, and is even thought to lower the risk of heart disease. But the mass-produced, artificially-flavored oatmeal you find at the store is full of nasty sugars and carbs. Nobody got time for that!

So how about we shout out some healthy alternatives to the store-bought oatmeal?

Banana-Nut Oatmeal


Oatmeal Recipes: Banana-Nut Oatmeal

Start your day with a healthy combo of potassium and fatty acids with this awesome recipe for banana-nut oatmeal. It’s bananas how delicious it is! It’ll drive you nuts thinking about how much better for you it is than oatmeal from the store!

Tropical Oatmeal with Coconut and Mango


Oatmeal Recipes: Tropical Oatmeal with Coconut and Mango

It may be winter right now, folks, but we are getting tropical with our oatmeal up in here! (Air horn sound effect)

Quinoa & Chia Oatmeal Mix


Oatmeal Recipes: Quinoa & Chia Oatmeal Mix I know, I know, quinoa and chia? In my oatmeal? I hope most people by now have discovered these marvelous seeds, but I imagine there’s still some who feel like this:

Trust me, quinoa is delightful and so is chia and they are some of the healthiest things you can eat. So give this recipe a try, you won’t regret it!

Chai Oatmeal


Oatmeal Recipes: Chai Oatmeal

I’m a sucker for chai. Put chai on the label and I’m buying it. Chai tea? Yup. Chai milkshake? You betcha. Chai crumb cake? Absolutely. Chai oatmeal? Sign me up kween!

Pumpkin Spice Slow-Cooker Oatmeal


We are all a little basic sometimes, and what’s a better way to celebrate your basicness than with some pumpkin spice oatmeal? Get those Ugg boots and flannel shirt on because we are going to flavor town!

Blueberry Pie Protein Overnight Oats


Oatmeal Recipes: Blueberry Pie Protein Overnight Oats

We are in uncharted territory here. We are going into the land of overnight oats — oats after dark — if you will. I have recently discovered overnight oats, and they have changed my breakfast game forever.

Almond Joy Overnight Oats


Oatmeal Recipes: Almond Joy Overnight Oats

We are dipping our toes back into the pool of overnight oats with another scrumptious recipe, this time with (vegan) chocolate chips, almond milk, and coconut. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Roll Protein Oatmeal

Oatmeal Recipes: Cinnamon Roll Protein Oatmeal (Source:

If I could, I would start every single day with a warm, gooey, aromatic cinnamon roll. But unfortunately, that would not be ideal for my health. Luckily, there’s awesome recipes like this one that cut out the naughtiness of a cinnamon roll, without skimping on flavor.

Fig and Ricotta OatmealOatmeal Recipes: Fig and Ricotta Oatmeal


Getting real exotic with our flavors on this one. Fig and ricotta are not typical things you find in your everyday oatmeal, but I am not some everyday man and this is not an everyday blog!

Overnight Cake Batter Protein Oatmeal


Oatmeal recipes: Overnight Cake Batter Protein Oatmeal

This is it. This is Steve in overnight oat form. Just like chai, I am a sucker for anything “cake batter” flavored. And before you get your pitchforks out saying “this is supposed to be a blog with healthy recipes” and “how can cake batter anything be healthy?” Let me just tell you that this recipe uses protein powder, almond milk, and plain fat-free Greek yogurt. So no need to fret. Steve will always take care of you.


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Staying Physically Active this Winter

9841231331358When it comes to physical fitness, winter is the season of excuses. It’s too cold to exercise outside. Who’s going to watch my kids so I can go to the gym? I don’t have the room, equipment, or time to work out at home. Fitness isn’t seasonal, it’s a lifestyle and your waistline doesn’t go into hibernation because the weather outside is frightful. This year, don’t let that winter coat expand with empty promises that you’ll resume exercising on January 1; use the cold weather as inspiration to change up your routine and get your entire family involved.

Become a lifestyle Role Model

As a parent, one of your most important responsibilities is as a lifestyle role model to your children. Studies show that physical activity habits are developed very early in life, with the primary factor being the habits modeled by their parents (Hinkley et al.). Parents who exercise on a regular basis raise children who are more likely to have an active lifestyle, have a healthy weight status, are sick less, and even perform better in school (Jago et al.). Exercising with your children instills in them the idea that physical activity is an integral part of daily life and that a sedentary lifestyle is not normal. The doldrums of winter are the perfect opportunity to be creative, have fun, bond, and model to your children how important daily exercise is.

Exercising At Home

Exercising indoors doesn’t require a room full of expensive equipment or a lot of time. Most importantly, it can be effective. When developing any exercise program, there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the first principle of effective exercise is overload—an effective exercise program must impose demands on the human movement system that force the body to adapt (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Unless you push your body harder or in a different manner than it ever has before, it has no reason to progress. This overload can be achieved through an unfamiliar movement (a new exercise), increased volume (more exercise), or increased resistance (a load, such as your child). Lastly, all exercises are variations of pushing, pulling, squatting, or core stability; once you understand the basic movements, the variations are only limited by your imagination.

Involving Your Children

An easy way to get the heart pumping, your muscles burning, and your children involved in a fun exercise routine is through a simple peripheral heart action circuit. Peripheral heart action uses several basic compound movements (exercises that engage two or more joints to stimulate multiple muscles) in an alternating circuit for a fast, effective, and functional full-body workout. With knowledge of the four basic movements, you can get a great full-body, indoor workout, with little or no equipment, that is simple enough to teach a toddler, but that you can do with an infant strapped to your chest as added resistance. Even better, as your child grows, their increased weight can be the overloading resistance factor that your body needs to continue to progress.

Physical fitness doesn’t halt when the weather gets cold and resume with another New Year’s resolution. Use the cold weather as an opportunity to bring your workout routine into the home, where you can try something new, get re-energized about exercise, and involve your children.

What You’ll Need

  • Your preworkout Mito2Max® and a quick inhalation of your favorite uplifting CPTG essential oil
  • Motivation
  • A (small) workout partner(s)
  • Stopwatch (optional)

The Plan

  1. Complete 10–15 repetitions of each movement
  2. Move on to the next movement with as little rest as possible
  3. Complete all four movements of the cycle and rest 30–60 seconds before repeating
  4. Complete as many cycles as possible in 30 minutes

Pushup (Push) Variations: Alter hand or foot positions to vary difficulty or emphasize specific muscle groups, increase load via a weight vest or a child on your back.

Freestanding Squat (Squat) Variations: Alter foot positions to vary difficulty or emphasize specific muscle groups, increase load via a weight vest or a child on your back (or chest).

Upright Row (Pull) Variations: Pull-ups, bent-over rows using a band or other resistance tools, alter grip to emphasize specific muscle groups.

Tabletop Bridge (Stability) Variations: Plank, side bridge, increase load via a weight vest or a child on your back (or chest)

You can still be fit and not even leave home.   It does take discipline, but as you can see, it can also be fun.  Make a commitment and stick with it.

Do you want to learn more about oils, pop on over to our East Coast Life Solutions Essential Oils page to pick up useful information and tips on essential oils.  Please feel free to message us to talk, one on one, about how oils can be easily incorporated into you and your family’s life.


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Fitness Through the Holidays with Erin Oprea

Editor’s note: The following was written by USANA Fitness Ambassador Erin Oprea. 

The holidays can be a crazy time of year. From huge family gatherings to office parties and even colder weather, there are a lot of excuses floating around that can ruin your diet and fitness plans. But these aren’t reasons to lose hope and fall into lasting bad habits.

With the right plan in place, you can absolutely enjoy yourself while sticking to your healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to help limit the impact the holiday season may have on your fitness.

Keep Fitness Fun and Family Oriented

The holidays are a great time to get your family involved in fun fitness activities. Grab your family and find a local 5K to get everyone out, moving, and enjoying the season together. My family and I run a 5K every holiday. It’s good bonding and it’s a great way to burn some calories before we eat a bunch of food. And holiday runs are just a fun environment.

Obviously not all family members are going to be at the same level of fitness—it’s just a matter of going out there together and enjoying the festivities. Some people are going to walk and some are going to run, and some might not finish. But the important thing is knowing you all got out there, got fresh air, and enjoyed it together.

If running isn’t your thing, nothing beats a good old-fashioned jump rope. When there’s no snow or ice on the ground, that’s my go-to favorite thing to do outside because it’s such a versatile piece of equipment. It’s something you can do anywhere. And you can easily do it in short bursts in a Tabata workout to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

I love Tabata so much that I gave it an entire section in my book, The 4 x 4 Diet. Tabata is 20 seconds of high-intensity moves followed by 10 seconds of rest, done for eight rounds—a total of four minutes. There are lots of free Tabate time apps. Take a few minutes to look around and pick the one that works best for you.

After you have your timer, grab your friends and family, bundle up, head outside for some fresh air, hit start, and get some work done. Make a game out of it.

It’s OK to Enjoy Holiday Treats, Just Plan Ahead

Eating well during the holidays can be hard, but it’s possible. It’s all about planning ahead and picking and choosing.

Here are my favorite tricks.

  • Take something healthy to share at holiday parties.

This means you’ll have at least one healthier option. And then just have little bits of all the other goodies. Enjoy a little bit in moderation, but have something you feel good about eating.

  • Don’t stand next to the food table.

I have to repeat this one: Don’t park yourself right next to the food table. Those temptations are endless and you’re doomed for failure.

  • Eat before you go to parties.

Never go to a party hungry. This isn’t just for the holiday season; this is a rule I live by. If you’re not starving when you go out, you can have enough to satisfy you and not feel like you have to eat everything. Food always looks better when you’re hungry.

  • If you drink, drink in moderation.

Alcohol is not our friend, especially sugary, high-caloric drinks. Drink in moderation. Have a cocktail and then have a full glass of water before you go on to your next one. That will slow you down quite a bit.

Make Fitness Goals, Not Resolutions

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, set small, attainable goals.

If you make a goal to lose 50 pounds but only see two pounds come off the first week—even though that is healthy weight loss—you’re going to think 50 pounds is forever away and that there’s no way you’re going to get there. That kind of negativity will just lead to failure.

But if you make small, attainable goals, such as focusing on drinking more water and less soda, you have something to build on the next week. Over time, those small, accomplished goals add up to huge results. And then when you attain those goals, you reward yourself. But not with food.

To me, the best reward is new workout clothes. But I’m not most people. I have clients who set weekly goals and put $5 in a jar when they hit them. And when they hit a monthly goal, they go out and buy something big with it.

But the most important trick about keeping up with your fitness goals through the holidays is to plan ahead. You have to plan out your activity. You have to plan out your food. You even have to pick and choose what days you’re going to be bad. That way, you’ll know in advance what days you’re going to be good.

And then all you have to worry about is having a fun, safe, and fit holiday.

Happy Holidays from East Coast Life Solutions!

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Supplements: The Gift of Health

Supplements: Gift Box


My family has a variety of interests, so finding the perfect gift for everyone can be difficult. Especially because I try and look for gifts that are simple and meaningful. So I thought, what’s more meaningful than the gift of health? This year I’ve decided to supplement everyone’s holiday with just that—supplements.

Supplements Ideas for the Whole Family

The expectant mother; aka, my wife

Supplements: Vitamin D

This year is especially exciting for the two of us because my wife is currently expecting our first baby. While a lot of what is on her gift list revolves around that, I added a couple things to my USANA shopping cart after her last checkup.

Her doctor told us he recommends women supplement their Prenatal Supplements with vitamin D—especially those pregnant through the winter months—and calcium.

Our bodies rely on vitamin D for normal bone mineralization and growth, and it also helps us maintain muscle strength and coordination, cardiovascular health, and even helps immune support. And when consumed by the mother, those benefits are passed along to the developing baby. The thing is, we don’t naturally produce vitamin D, and most people don’t get enough through food and sun exposure alone.*

Calcium is another nutrient babies need plenty of to help them develop. Like Vitamin D, our bodies don’t naturally produce it, and if the mother isn’t getting enough for both herself and the baby in her diet, the baby will leach it from her. This can lead to potential calcium deficiency. That’s where a calcium supplement comes in.*

Gift ideas: Vitamin D and Active Calcium Chewable

The active grandmother; aka, my mom

Our holidays involve a lot of family time, and that means tons of activities. I’m not going to tell you how old my mom is—mostly because that would not bode well for me—but I will tell you she has said, “at my age it’s important to stay active” more than once. Her favorite activity is most definitely playing with her grandkids. So I’m going to help her out and gift wrap a case of Rev3 for the extra energy she’ll need.

Another thing that marks our holiday festivities is a lot of food. My mom is one of those people who spends so much time cooking and making sure everyone else is taken care of that she forgets to take care of herself. And, ironically, that means missing meals.

Does this sound familiar?

This is why I’m going to include a bag of Nutrimeal™ meal-replacement shake in her stocking—for the times she says she’s too busy to eat.

Gift ideas: Rev3 Energy Drink and Nutrimeal

Supplements: Rev 3

The retired grandfather; aka, my dad

Again, like my mom, my dad is still pretty active. But through natural aging, he doesn’t move or see as well as he used to. So this year I’m helping give his joints and eyes all the support they can get.

For his joints, he’s getting a bottle of Procosa®. The InCelligence Joint-Support Complex in Procosa was created using a unique combination of Meriva bioavailable curcumin with high-quality glucosamine hydrochloride, so it is great for supporting and maintaining healthy joint function.* This will help his joints function so he can try to keep up with my mom.

The holidays wouldn’t be the same for my dad if he couldn’t enjoy the lights. In fact, one of our longest lasting traditions is visiting our local Christmas village. This is why he’s also getting Visionex®, to help protect his eyes by providing nutrients essential for eye health and antioxidants that help fight off damaging free radicals.*

Gift ideas: Procosa® and Visionex®

Supplements: Visionex

College-bound teens; aka, my nieces and nephews

Both my brother and sister have 17-year-old daughters and 15-year-old sons. I don’t know a more active group of teenagers. All four of their lives revolve around classes, school clubs, and extracurricular activities that will look good on college applications. Between them, they tick off nearly every sport and club you can think of.

Because it takes a lot to stay as active as they are, I think the best gift I can give them is BodyRox™—to make sure they get all the nutrients they need to stay at their physical and mental best.*

And, speaking of mental best, the older two are also getting Ginkgo-PS™. As they finish up their time in high school and transition into college, getting the right kind of acute memory function and cognition support is going to be extremely important.*

Gift ideas: Body Body Rox and Ginkgo-PS™Ginkgo-PS

With the help of these supplements, I think my gifts are going to be everyone’s favorites. But these are just my USANA supplement gift ideas. Which USANA supplements are you most looking forward to giving and/or receiving for the holidays this year?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We do have one request that you go through our website to purchase your products, that way you can be sure you are getting USANA products and they are quaranteed USANA products. Shop All Products East Coast Life Solutions – Linda Holmes

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Healthy Lifestyle: Start Living Healthy Today

There’s a new hashtag to connect you to the healthy lifestyle in the USANA community on social platforms: #LiveUSANA. Social media has developed into an everyday part of most of our lives now. Who checks it while waiting for their morning coffee to brew?  We share memories or interesting articles with friends. We express ourselves and document highlights of our healthy lifestyle through it.

Because USANA is all about changing lives, this new hashtag focuses on how you live every day.

Here are some tips to highlight, encourage, and promote a healthy lifestyle with the new hashtag. Just follow #LiveUSANA’s key pillars.

Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Nutrition


Eating right is such a vital part of maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, it feels like more of a chore than anything. But, keeping your meals fun, full of vibrant fruits and veggies, and plenty of lean protein can make for a colorful masterpiece on a plate. Think about infusing your next nutritious meal with a bit of art to keep things interesting. Snap a few glamour shots and use #LiveUSANA to encourage your followers to do likewise. Check out more benefits of eating a rainbow of foods for some added inspiration.

living a healthy lifestyle




We all want to live our lives to the fullest, taking plenty of time to create lasting memories, right? Finding ways to keep active throughout the day can give us energy make each moment count. The benefits of staying fit are endless no matter your age. So, the next time you get together to play a game of basketball, take the dog for its daily run, or relax doing yoga, shoot some action shots.


You know how energized you feel thanks to the USANA® Supplements you take and sometimes you can’t keep good news quiet. If your friends and family follow your Instagram account, you know they’ll double tap a photo sharing your good vibes from enriching your body with USANA® Cellsentials™, Proglucamune®, or CoQuinone® 30. They might even ask you how they can improve their health deficiencies through supplementation.

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Healthy Lifestyle Motivation

It’s always a bit easier to stick to a new healthy routine when you know you’re not alone. Motivating yourself to stay on track with a new healthy lifestyle choice, whether it’s about nutrition, fitness, supplementation, or finding balance in your life, is easier when you’re open about your journey with others. This article from has some awesome tips on how to stay motivated so it pays off. When your followers, friends, and family see how you #LiveUSANA, maybe it will be the key to motivating them to take a new step towards a healthy lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle

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