In The Beginning – the East Coast

In the beginning – is the starting point of our new blog – we are happy and excited to finally have East Coast Life Solutions up and running.  It takes time and courage to decide and then put into action the plans that we have made.

I thought it only fitting since we are on the East Coast to keep the topic close to what is near and dear to us, and that is the ocean.  We are fortunate everyday, to see the water.  Someday’s it is can be taken for granted, but put a separation of week or holiday away from home and we quickly realize the need to see it or feel it.  Yes, there’s something about the coast that is deep in our hearts, whether it is it calming sounds of the waves rushing in, or the total respect of it’s mighty force, there’s no denying it. The coast allows you to escape, by walking the beaches to collect your thoughts or give you a chance to heal. It’s nature’s therapy.

The message we would like to convey is one of inspiration, motivation and healthy coastal lifestyle choices. We would like those interested in joining our crew to contact us about healthy living. Follow your dreams!

Remember….”EastCoastGirls Just Want to Have Fun!”

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